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We’re an intersectional movement of young people taking back our future from vested interest. We back each other to run brave campaigns that fix the broken systems that threaten our right to define ourselves and determine our future.

Time have changed. We the young were raised on the intersection of thousands of issues, navigating challenges both local and global, personal and political, fleeting and permanent.

We understood that our lives and our issues were connected to something much more structural than what was being sold to us. And yet we continue to walk into a future that has been set for us but not determined by us.

Our movement arises from these interconnected struggles and anxieties facing our generation. We run backed projects and campaigns that do three things:

  • Connect our issues with town hall style consultations across the country to build a vision for the future we want
  • Give agency for young people to run campaigns with support from funding partners
  • Change the landscape of Australian politics by building youth representation and shifting elections

If you want to find out more or chat about how we can work together, get in touch at: 

[email protected] /Lee @ 0431890193