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5 Cities Kicking Serious Climate Goals

Let’s be honest, news about climate change can often feel pretty bleak and overwhelming. But there’s a whole bunch of cities, communities and grassroots movements around the world making incredible change towards a clean energy future. Here’s just a few…

1. Nairobi, Kenya

Thanks to a whole bunch of renewable technology, Nairobi now runs on over 70% renewable energy! Kenya is a global leader in the number of solar panels installed per person – plus, grassroots social movements are driving positive change around the country. The Green Belt Movement founded by  Professor Wangari Maathi (an absolute legend) has planted over 51 million trees in Kenya, while promoting sustainable livelihoods, strengthened democracy and women’s rights.

2. Hobart, Australia

Hobart is the only Australian city powered by more than 70% renewable energy, through hydropower and growing investment in solar. And it’s going green in a bunch of other ways, too. Tassie’s already banned plastic shopping bags, and now the City of Hobart is phasing out use of plastic containers by retailers as part of its Zero Waste to Landfill strategy. Love it!

3. Basel, Switzerland

Basel is one of the first cities in the world to run on 100% renewable energy, with hydropower and wind. Basel’s success clearly shows: we have the technology on hand for a safe and sustainable future, we just need the public and political will!

4. Burlington, USA

Wind, solar, hydroelectric power and biofuels allowed Burlington to become the first 100% renewable energy city in the US. The local government is also doing a bunch of work to promote cycling, while farmers and community gardeners are turning neglected areas on the city’s outskirts into an urban food bowl, which you can read about here.

5. Santiago de Cali, Colombia

Famous for music festivals, salsa dancing and its museums, the third largest city in Columbia is also mostly powered by renewable energy – yay! And did you hear about the young Columbians who took their government to court for action on climate change – and won?! Change 👏 happens 👏when 👏people 👏 speak 👏 up.

Our cities, towns and countries are shaped by the decisions made by the people in power on our behalf. If you want more action to protect our future from climate change in the place you call home, it’s time to get informed and get ready to vote with your values.

Change happens when we work together.