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Alex’s story

I enrolled to vote so I’d be taken seriously by the people in power. This will be my first time voting in a state election – and I’m using my vote to call for action on climate change and housing affordability.

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Everything You Need to Know About the State Government in 8 Cat Gifs

So how much do you know about the State Government?

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Sue the Bastards: We’re Never Too Young to Hold Elites Accountable

A bunch of Colombians aged 7-26 just won a court case that will force their government to take more ambitious action on climate change and reign in rampant logging in the Amazon.

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5 Cities Kicking Serious Climate Goals

Famous for music festivals, salsa dancing and its museums, the third largest city in Columbia is also mostly powered by renewable energy – yay! And did you hear about the young Columbians who took their government to court for action on climate change – and won?! Change 👏 happens 👏when 👏people 👏 speak 👏 up.

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