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Sue the bastards: because we’re never too young to hold elites accountable

What happens when young people get together? We shake up the system.

A bunch of Colombians aged 7-26 just won a court case that will force their government to take more ambitious action on climate change and reign in rampant logging in the Amazon.

Meanwhile, 21 young people are suing the Trump administration for failing to act on climate change. This is a group of students and activists, many of whom are experiencing the impacts of climate change first hand.

They are seeing extreme weather, sea level rise and natural disasters threatening their homes. And they’re standing up to the powerful interests that are letting climate destruction run rampant.

“If we don’t stop climate change, I might not have a home when I’m older. That’s why our case has to go to trial,” said ten-year-old plaintiff Levi Draheim [1].

We are a generation taking to the courts and the streets to stand up for sustainability and justice.

In Norway, the organisation Nature and Youth is partnering with Greenpeace and taking Norway’s government to court over plans to open up new areas of the Arctic to oil drilling.

The group’s 22-year-old leader, Gaute Eiterjord, explained  “Opening up new untouched areas like the Arctic for oil drilling is a direct attack on today’s youth and future generations.

“As one of the richest countries in the world, Norway should be on the forefront of battling climate change, instead we’re profiting from climate destruction.” [2]

Our generation is making headlines around the globe. We are powerful when we work together – and we’re a growing threat to the systems trashing our planet.

It takes courage and creativity to take advantage of the legal and political tools at hand to fight for a fairer future.

We’ve got to remind our leaders who they’re accountable to. And that starts with enrolling and voting to have a say. Get enrolled and make sure your details are up to date at:

The young Columbians who took their government to court over climate change - and won! Image from Dejusticia.

Some of the young Columbians who took their government to court over climate change – and won! Image from Dejusticia.